5 benefits of a more mobile enterprise

Jul 29th, 2014 / Category: Enterprise Mobility

Whether companies have bring-your-own-device policies, provide mobile hardware for their employees, or simply allow workers to complete professional activities on their personal smartphones, enterprise mobility is on the rise. Here are some of the ways greater accessibility and flexibility can be a boon for organizations:

  1. Boost productivity. According to Apperian, a report by Productivity Channels found enterprises taking advantage of tablets and other mobile devices saw improvements in their bottom lines, including positive effects on revenue growth, sales, customer experience, and employee productivity. It makes sense: People are able to carry valuable information and resources with them anywhere. In an office environment, this could help workers stay productive while meeting with colleagues or waiting for meetings to start. 
  2. Make more out of work trips. With ready access to the files and programs they need, employees can keep up with their tasks even while waiting in airports or taking breaks during a conference. 
  3. Increase job satisfaction. Many mobile enterprise strategies broaden the types of devices workers are able to use for their activities. This alone can increase job satisfaction, but there are additional possibilities: With the right applications and tools, enterprises can support remote working arrangements, giving staff the flexibility to stay home when necessary or on a regular basis. An option that helps some people maintain better work-life balance, this can cut down commute time and enable employees to take care of family duties.
  4. Attract job candidates. Similarly, remote working and flexible schedules are appealing options for many job applicants. Providing this option can make organizations more competitive in the hiring landscape. For industries with talent shortages, this flexibility might broaden their candidate pool, enabling them to hire professionals who are rooted in different cities or frequently move for a spouse's career. 
  5. Facilitate collaboration across geographical distances. Many of today's enterprises are global organizations, with customers or partners overseas and across the country. Rather than traveling for meetings, employees with secure file sharing and other highly accessible resources are able to collaborate from afar, saving time and expenses.

Of course, particularly for high-value or sensitive corporate information, implementing a strong security plan and the right tools to support the use of mobile devices are critical steps. No matter what device approach organizations take, they must ensure the safety and protection of their network and resources. 

To this end, programs such as mobile clients for managed file transfer solutions offer the security, control, and ease of use necessary to support flexible working habits and diverse devices.