Security is top priority for government

Jul 24th, 2014 / Category: Managed File Transfer

It's hardly shocking news that the United States governmental organizations place highest priority on security measures for their networks and digital resources. Not only do these agencies handle information that is often sensitive and confidential, recent years have demonstrated increasingly pervasive and sophisticated cybercriminal attacks, sometimes even from the political bodies of other countries. With geopolitical conflicts heating up in a number of regions, then, it makes sense for federal agencies to greet security concerns with great attention.

Survey reveals that security considerations take precedence 
According to a recent InformationWeek survey, federal bodies have been focusing on bolstering the security of their technological systems, placing these initiatives ahead of efforts to leverage the cloud and consolidate their data centers. The 2014 Federal Government IT Priorities Survey found that 70 percent of respondents considered cybersecurity and information security programs to be "extremely important," with an additional 24 percent saying it is "fairly important." Only 3 percent weren't concerned with these efforts at all.

These results represent an increase in an emphasis on security compared to previous years, up from 67 percent holding it to be extremely important last year.

"Information is the new weapon of choice," said respondent Joseph Reddix, CEO of the Reddix Group. "When information is weaponized, you're in trouble. Information technology is about information, and it really should be about secure information."

For government agencies, the stakes can be incredibly high. InformationWeek noted that plans for fighter planes, for example, can cost organizations hundreds of millions of dollars because of the money invested in the machines.

Alleviating the pressure 
Security is understandably incredibly important and should be addressed with urgency and care. However, the study also indicated that this matter has detracted from other technology goals among governmental organizations, such as increasing cloud usage and making data centers more efficient.

Therefore, federal groups require top-notch, industry leading security solutions at all junctures of their networks and data management systems, including tools such as secure file transfer and sharing. Components such as mobility and diverse devices make securing the system even more difficult, which means that comprehensive solutions are a must if organizations want to be able to devote attention and energy to other technology goals as well.

As part of their overall security program, governmental organizations can take advantage of best-in-class software solutions, such as Globalscape's managed file transfer applications, that streamline the path to a manageable and protected information system.