How to achieve digital transformation

Jul 22nd, 2014 / Category: Wide Area File Services

The drive for "digital transformation" has taken the professional landscape by storm, with organizations and companies looking to enhance operations and reduce costs by taking greater advantage of technology. Whether these efforts are focused on marketing, transactions, interactions with customers, or the internal processes that pull all of the pieces together, entities of all types can benefit from implementing advanced digital tools and resources in a strategic, value-added manner. 

However, just as cloud computing has held disappointments for some organizations seeking to capitalize on its cost-effective, flexible qualities, any technological initiative will fall short if it's not deployed in a well-planned, comprehensive way. From secure file sharing solutions that enable clients to send sensitive files to mobile apps that offer employees ways to connect to key resources within a protected environment, it takes more than simply choosing and installing the programs to achieve positive transformation.

Technology as an enabler 
The Altimeter Group recently studied enterprises' approaches to digital transformation and released its "Digital Transformation: Why and How Companies are Investing in New Business Models to Lead Digital Customer Experiences (DCX)" report. Although the investigation focused on how technology is being used to reach consumers, many of the insights revealed by the research firm are applicable to multiple types of digital endeavors—including those intended to boost collaboration and productivity.

Altimeter Group principal analyst Brian Solis told CIO Magazine that the key is for the technology to be leveraged as a tool, with business objectives always in mind. If decision-makers view the technology as an end in itself, their initiatives will fall short.

"That's the irony about digital transformation, it doesn't work when in of itself technology is the solution. Technology has to be an enabler and that enabler needs to be aligned with a bigger mission. We already found that companies that lead digital transformation from a more human center actually bring people together in the organization faster and with greater results," Solis said, according to the source.

Culture at the core 
The report identified the need to change company culture to support new technological initiatives as the top task leaders viewed as important. For enterprise operations, this could include shaping the way employees think about working together, their awareness of the tools at their disposal, and how they prioritize security considerations and best practices.

Technological resources can be used to shape these developments by offering workers convenient ways to share materials and keep their documents secure, thereby creating a sort of "virtuous circle" that molds culture while improving digital processes.