Knowing is the first step to keeping your enterprise safe

Jul 17th, 2014 / Category: Managed File Transfer

Imagine you were tasked to run an event and ensure the safety of its attendees. Security is naturally a key consideration, requiring you to implement measures to guard against threats from both within and outside of the facility. If this was your responsibility, what would be your first move? You might initially think of calling up some police offices and security task forces, but that would actually be a mistake. In fact, your first—and very critical—first step is research.

Data-driven foundations
You need to understand the nature of the event, its attendees, and potential threats. Are people at risk for pick?-pocketing by other participants? Is the event controversial, attracting the attention of malcontents? Have issues occurred in the past? Which measures were effective and where were gaps that enabled criminals to slip under the wire?

Similarly, to protect your enterprise, information is key. And not just superficial, general data. You need to know the nuances of your system, the nature of the threats you could be facing, the resources and tools at your disposal, what type of data your company is handling, and the behaviors of employees.

Running the show
Even after you put a plan into action, you rely on ongoing information and analytics to make sure your system is running according to best practices and doesn't have gaps in its protection. Just as an event leader needs to stay in touch with heads of security and receive information about the attendees and other factors, you have to keep a steady eye on your IT resources to ensure ongoing compliance and protection. 

This doesn't have to be a burdensome task, however, or feel like micro?-management. What you need are the right tools to make it easy to collect and assess this type of information and then make any necessary adjustments to keep your system running without interruption.

For example, Globalscape's Auditing and Reporting Module enables Enhanced File Transfer users to monitor their solutions and solve problems with rich data and analysis. Reconfigured reports and intuitive designers for custom reports make it easy to get the insights you need to track your usage and troubleshoot problems. Other services, such as active monitoring for the High Security Module facilitates oversight for ongoing regulatory compliance by alerting you to problems with your setup and offering workarounds.

Having the right tools in place that give you data-rich, real-time insights into your system is critical both for selecting the right system resources and keeping your enterprise protected going forward.