Reducing the burden on your email server

Jul 15th, 2014 / Category: Email Encryption

In the business world, email remains a primary means of communication, particularly as organizations extend their operations across larger distances and digitize more of their processes. However, with the frequency of these operations and the volume of information that needs to be shared, email systems can quickly fall short. When servers are overloaded, messages can take a long time to get to their destination, memos could be lost, and attachments might be limited by restrictive size requirements.

Furthermore, as technology trends transform the way employees conduct their activities within enterprises, email systems need to be able to accommodate new and evolving workflows. For example, a greater emphasis on bring-your-own-device policies and mobility in general has created the need for email to be accessible across a variety of platforms—including the attachments carried by messages, often needing to remain within a secure environment.

Bringing email up to speed 
In order for email to remain a powerful and efficient tool, rather than a source of time loss and frustration, organizations must implement solutions that better accommodate the high-volume and security requirements of the workplace. Instead of running up expenses expanding email server space and bandwidth to facilitate frequent messaging and large files, enterprises can seek alternatives that manage these transfers in a more streamlined, cost-effective manner.

According to Processor, President of Osterman Research Michael Osterman indicated that companies are turning to attachment management systems to boost efficiency.

"This typically involves use of an attachment management system so that larger attachments (or all of them in some cases) are converted to a link in the body of the outbound email," he says. "The attachment content is posted to a cloud or other repository, and the recipient clicks on the link to download the content."

When considering this type of option, organizations must also ensure their email solution keeps their information secure and protected, offering encryption and other measures to safeguard important data. 

Decrease costs and headaches with Mail Express 
Globalscape's Mail Express product serves this increasingly pressing business need by providing a solution that enables users to send emails with attachments of any size without straining servers and bandwidth. By storing files on its own server, Mail Express cuts down on the storage expenses for organizations. Employees can easily and intuitively send messages through Web browsers or their Outlook accounts, making it simple to complete email tasks on any device. As a secure file sharing solution, Mail Express makes it easy for companies to uphold compliance with regulations for sensitive data. 

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