Federal agencies must take active stance on information security

May 06th, 2014 / Category: Managed File Transfer

Cybersecurity has been on everyone's minds for a while now. From the extensive retail breaches to the recent Heartbleed bug, the last few months have demonstrated how pressing it is for organizations across industries to implement and vigilantly maintain top-notch security practices to guard their valuable digital resources.

In addition to involving secure file sharing solutions and other safeguards, these initiatives require cooperation between sectors and fresh thinking to create strong approaches to rapidly evolving threats. Federal agencies have an important role in this effort since they must both maintain the integrity of their own sensitive systems and develop regulations and recommendations to help businesses keep their data safe.

Strong but user-friendly 
In a recent article for InformationWeek, James Binseil, president and CEO of Globalscape, described the challenge federal agencies face in implementing and enforcing stronger security policies. He noted that stricter policies and fortified technology must be supported by the people using it. In other words, secure file transfer solutions and other protected processes and resources need to be user-friendly to defend against errors and unsafe shortcuts.

The key is recognizing that productivity is critical for employees. Employees want to be able to complete their tasks efficiently and effectively, and they require secure tools that won't impede their productivity. The more automated and streamlined these solutions are, the better the chances that they'll be adopted successfully.

People, processes, and policies 
Federal agencies have a particularly urgent need to consider the best options for defending against growing cybersecurity threats because they handle highly confidential information and set standards for other sectors. Therefore, not only should their own systems be protected with high-end file transfer solutions, they also need to understand how various approaches work together to guard against some of the most concerning attacks.

To that end, Infosecurity Europe released a report emphasizing how the government and the information security industry must collaborate to develop strong strategies against attackers, Channel Pro reported. 

"We need industry and government to work together in ensuring a strategic approach is taken to enabling companies and citizens to be more aware of the threats to their data, to educate them in how to deal with the threat, and finally how to work together at national and international level to tackle the threats we face," Brian Honan, founder and CEO of BH Consulting, told the source.

By implementing their own secure file sharing solutions, federal agencies have insight into the strengths of these approaches and how they fit into broader cybersecurity strategies.