BAM: How business activity monitoring can invigorate your MFT strategy

May 12th, 2014 / Category: Managed File Transfer

When you invest in a managed file transfer solution, you want to make sure that you're getting the most bang for your buck. After carefully considering your options, you'll choose services that are well-suited to your business requirements. But how can you tell if your systems are running at optimal levels as your organization expands or market conditions fluctuate?

Business activity monitoring technology helps enterprises analyze opportunities and risks in their operations to maximize efficiency and profitability. In an MFT context, this means ensuring that your transfers are running successfully and utilizing system resources in the most effective way. With these insights, you can identify issues in your setup before they become large-scale problems, tweak your system to run more efficiently, and decide whether to scale your resources up or down. 

A simpler solution 
Sound complicated and time-consuming? It doesn't have to be. With the right BAM technology, you can manage these tasks from a convenient, user-friendly dashboard that furnishes you with the data you need to make informed decisions and have confidence that your mission-critical files are being processed in a safe and reliable manner.

In addition to providing insights for administrative tasks, BAM platforms provide end users with a way to track the progress of their transfers so that they always know whether their valuable resources are secure and in place. This is particularly useful for large file transfers, which can take time and sometimes strain the system.

Used in conjunction with your MFT or secure email solution, BAM services give you an overview of your business transactions, such as currency exchange, shipments, deliveries and sensitive file transfers. Therefore, this tool is valuable not only for monitoring the performance of your infrastructure, but it also helps you to track your company's activities and ensure that your clients have received the services or information promised to them.

Alleviate pressure on IT teams 
Just as software-as-a-service offerings assist enterprises with implementing robust, customized technological solutions, a top-end BAM platform reduces the strain on your in-house IT staff. Rather than requiring IT professionals to set up system monitoring processes, run reports, and analyze the data, the service automates most of this project, delivering an easy-to-understand, data-rich report.

This way, your IT teams can focus on other projects to enhance your activities and grow your business. Or, if you're a small organization and lack in-house technology expertise, BAM services empower you to enjoy the same insights and tools that might otherwise be available only to companies with greater IT resources.

BAM provides a convenient way to derive business intelligence from the data management system you already have in place. By tracking system performance and transfer successes, you can have the piece of mind that your vital assets are in the right place and that your technology resources are being utilized in an optimal, cost-effective manner.

Overall, this solution serves as a window into what might sometimes seem like a murky, hidden world of secure file transfers and data storage. Visibility is the core attribute of a BAM dashboard—you should never feel like you're left in the dark.