Fuel productivity with intuitive, employee-centric tools

Apr 21st, 2014 / Category: Enterprise Mobility

Your workers are the heart and soul of your organization. No matter how fantastic your new computer programs and servers are, if your workers can't make heads or tails of them, they're not going to do much good. To get the most out of your electronic resources and human talent, you need to offer your team intuitive, convenient tools that support them as they perform their professional activities.

Do your workers have the tools they need? 
To help your employees apply their talents efficiently and effectively, you should furnish them with the right resources, including solutions such as secure file sharing tools, so they can collaborate with coworkers and have access to the documents they need, even on the go. CMSWire advised focusing on these three elements to create a workplace where employees can be most productive:

  • Access to resources. Mobility provides opportunities for "unconstrained access to information," the source explained. Your managed file transfer (MFT) solutions should include mobile apps so that employees using smartphones or other portable devices can have seamless access to their documents, regardless of the platform they use. Other considerations, such as how dependably your system can guarantee uptime, should also factor into the solution you implement.
  • Ease of use. If it's not intuitive, your workers probably won't get the full value out of your software, no matter how many cool features it has or how powerful its processing capability is. User interfaces should be simple and easy to navigate, particularly for mobile apps. The source noted that the small screen size and the context in which these gadgets are used make ease of use even more important.
  • Employee-centric. Your tools shouldn't just fit your organization's business goals - they must also address your workers' needs. This could mean offering customizable options so users can tailor their programs to their particular roles or personal preferences. The source noted that one strategy for meeting employees' needs is to offer small apps for individual tasks and loosely join these services into fluid workflows. Other comprehensive solutions can be designed with workers in mind to ensure their activities are accounted for and their experiences are smooth.

Part of today's effort to improve job satisfaction and productivity includes allowing professionals to use the devices they're most comfortable with through bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies and other mobile-first initiatives. However, embracing hardware isn't enough. Businesses require the right infrastructure and programs to support their endeavors across platforms.