User-friendly security is necessary for proper protection

Apr 16th, 2014 / Category: Managed File Transfer

Employees, regardless of what type of business they work at, want their days to be as smooth as possible. Corporate security policies that are too intrusive or difficult to follow are just the type of annoyances that can make an organization less secure, especially if personnel opt for personal file-sharing tools in favor of more complicated ones issued by the firm.

Applications such as DropBox may be a bane to corporate security, but they are generally easy to use and allow people to send files quickly with little trouble - traits that are often absent with corporate solutions. InformationWeek's James Blindseil recently asserted that federal security policies must be user-friendly to be successful.

He explained that even the most well-planned security protocols can fall short if employees are not following the guidelines. The fact of the matter is that personnel are often more focused on completing tasks than "the mechanics behind" such policies.

"The reality is that security regularly takes a backseat to productivity and efficiency. If federal agencies have any hope of managing and securing the sensitive data leaving their organizations, they need to provide solutions that easily integrate into the daily routines of their employees," Blindseil added.

So what can be done?
Organizations, regardless of whether they are enterprises or government agencies, can benefit greatly from implementing intuitive tools such as secure file sharing solutions. Employees will find little trouble using these options to send and receive sensitive data on a daily basis, rather than resorting to less safeguarded applications such as DropBox.

Companies that overlook the needs of their workforce are opening themselves to even more security threats. All it takes is just one breach to put a brand in a negative view of its consumers, prompting once-loyal customers to take their business elsewhere. In addition to lost sales, firms may also receive steep financial fines for failing to follow strict compliance guidelines.

There will always be a new threat that comes along testing security protocols, so businesses should do all they can to make their employees' lives easier, not harder, to focus more on these emerging attacks and less on what their workers are doing or are not doing. That is why a secure file sharing tool is so valuable because it helps users perform their tasks quickly and easily without putting corporate data or customer information in harm's way.