Software-as-a-Service makes cloud options more secure

Mar 28th, 2014 / Category: Enterprise Mobility

Cloud-based data management solutions are attractive because they're highly accessible, flexible and cost-effective. However, many business leaders are tentative to transition to these systems out of fear that the cloud lacks the security they can maintain within their own networks. With the advancement of cloud technology and the development of a number of services to support it, these fears are starting to be laid to rest. In fact, by selecting the right solution with a trusted provider, organizations can often enjoy a greater degree of security than they're able to maintain on their own.

Security factors: space and BYOD 
Rapidly expanding data volumes are creating additional storage space needs. As companies look for ways to grow their infrastructure, few have the in-house technical expertise to implement and integrate massive resources while upholding top-notch security throughout. The accelerating growth of technology is putting a strain on IT departments, which are already hindered by talent shortages.

Adding to this issue is the emerging popularity of bring-your-own-device policies and other situations during which employees use their personal gadgets to access corporate resources and complete business activities. Although the mobility is incredibly convenient and attractive for collaboration purposes, this behavior can drastically reduce the safety of even the most secure company network. Therefore, organizations need solutions that take remote access and device diversity into account.

How cloud-based services help 
The cloud is designed to accommodate mobility and accessibility. Since these are also the same qualities that make IT security teams nervous, cloud service providers have been focusing on ways to make solutions more secure without sacrificing convenience and usability. For example, cloud file transfer protocol (cloud FTP) manages data movement to and from the cloud to ensure information isn't exposed along the way. Other solutions offer workers the tools they need to access resources and complete their tasks without taking information out of a secure environment.

Thanks to managed cloud solutions, such as Software-as-a-Service offerings, experts are beginning to regard cloud-based systems as more secure than internal networks. According to Computerworld, experts at the RSA Security Conference in San Francisco explained that enterprise operations and data can be safely migrated to the cloud, as long as the cloud service provider is chosen with care.

By taking advantage of security expert teams that are completely devoted to maintaining top-notch protection and upholding regulatory guidelines, organizations can enjoy the best that the industry has to offer without needing to hire additional support or invest heavily in ongoing training.

"When we outsource infrastructure, we do it because when we consolidate expertise you get better results. You don't run your own airline or do your own taxes. There is enormous value in having an entity that is in charge of that," Bruce Schneier, a well-known cryptographer and CTO of Co3 Systems, said at the conference, according to CRN.

The trick to embracing today's technological trends, such as BYOD, might reside in implementing a solution that is designed to accommodate them. For example, secure file sharing solutions can offer a higher degree of protection than consumer applications used by staff to transfer and access documents on their personal devices.