Collaboration should continue outside of the office

Mar 19th, 2014 / Category: Enterprise Mobility

Organizations rely on technology to coordinate their operations and manage their information resources. In a world permeated by security threats, businesses need reliable solutions, such as secure file transfer services, that protect their data while making it easy for employees to complete their tasks. Especially with the adoption of the cloud and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) options, companies are focusing on mobility as a way to enhance productivity and increase job satisfaction. However, these resources also need to keep colleagues connected as they work from dispersed locations.

The many benefits of collaboration 
Why is it important for employees to be able to share documents and work together on projects? Even outside of group projects, collaboration can enhance performance and build stronger teams. By fostering an environment where workers can easily connect with each other, contribute to shared documents and send helpful information, companies benefit from a workforce that draws its top minds together to approach problems and tasks more effectively. The Financial Post offered the following examples of how collaborative technology can be advantageous in the workplace

  • Speeds up decision-making
  • Reduces travel time
  • Lowers staffing requirements
  • Enables global activities
  • Draws on collective knowledge to solve problems
  • Speeds development time for faster product delivery
  • Drives employee engagement
  • Facilitates business continuity

In addition, collaborative technology can make team work easier by reducing time spent emailing and preventing lost messages or mistaken use of outdated versions.

Constant connectivity 
In the context of BYOD, remote working and dispersed office locations, collaborative technology must be readily accessible by all employees in order for it to be useful. Employees working while traveling need to have access to documents and information resources. Providing the tools that facilitate better collaboration from any location and at any time can unleash team members' talents.

"Always-on connectivity has been a huge enabler," Michael Murphy, vice president and country manager for Citrix Canada in Toronto, told the news source. "People can work smarter because they have the tools and technologies to make them better employees."

Solutions like wide area file services (WAFS) can offer employees from various locations the tools they need to collaborate on projects and share information. It's important that these solutions maintain top-notch security, especially as workers use their own devices more frequently and Internet connections for business purposes become the norm. Secure, real-time data access eliminates the need for employees to resort to unsafe practices, like emailing sensitive company information to their personal email account or downloading documents on their devices. Instead, they have convenient access to a central repository that has the most up-to-date versions of company information.