Secure file transfer essential as mobile, cloud attacks expected to surge

Jan 16th, 2014 / Category: Managed File Transfer

Business technology trends such as bring-your-own-device policies and cloud computing offer financial and productivity benefits. But as the workplace becomes more digital and dispersed, security vulnerabilities threaten to become more pervasive and damaging. Recent predictions for cyberattacks in 2014 indicate that secure file transfer and cloud file transfer protocol (FTP) should be top priorities for corporations.

McAfee Labs expects growth in mobile, cloud-based application exploitations
In its annual 2014 Predictions Report, McAfee Labs assessed 2013 security threat trends to predict key areas that cybercriminals will target in the coming year. The report forecasted that mobile malware attacks will expand in sophistication and volume, including attacks that corrupt apps to steal data without being detected, as consumers and businesses continue to make mobile a central platform for their exchanges. 

Cloud computing will also receive increased attention from cybercriminals. McAfee predicted that criminals will exploit cloud-based corporate applications and data centers. Many cloud-based services that small businesses purchase, the report indicated, lack the security measures necessary to protect their data, leaving the companies vulnerable to attacks.

Secure file sharing and cloud FTP can help
Sometimes it's not enough to rely on anti-virus programs or trust the security measures adopted by application developers. To protect themselves against increasing threats, businesses should consider implementing secure file sharing services and cloud FTP to make sure they have a strong defense against cybercriminals. According to cybersecurity expert Peter Singer, nine new pieces of malware are discovered every second and only 3 percent of Fortune 500 companies have not reported a cyberattack, The Washington Post reported. Therefore, a company's security measures must be simple enough to be implemented without error and be updated on new threats. It's also important for any security program to be easy to use and non-invasive, to ensure comprehensive compliance by employees.

Mobile devices and the cloud are often components of enterprise systems that span geographic distances, even internationally. The convenience of mobile enables employees to work from home or while traveling, and remote working technology helps businesses cut costs by replacing some travel with virtual meetings or allowing them to consult with experts from around the world. When multiple devices are used as business tools, particularly when they are also used for personal use, it is essential for secure file sharing to have the highest protection and efficiency. Wide area file services (WAFS) protect corporate data in a vault while giving instant access to employees in offices around the world.