Is your secure email system seamless?

Sep 06th, 2013 / Category: Email Encryption

Considering the importance of collaboration among businesses of all kinds today, it is absolutely essential for firms in every industry to invest in high-quality secure file sharing solutions. Only with such systems in place can employees safely and easily send and receive the information they need to conduct their jobs and work together on a wide range of projects.

There are a number of options available to businesses to meet these objectives, and one of the most valuable is secure email. Obviously, email is among the most prevalent and popular forms of communication used by businesses today, and is therefore a natural means of sharing corporate data among colleagues.

Consequently, choosing the right email solution is of vital importance to businesses. Yet many firms tend to overlook key criteria when evaluating the various email options available to them. While cost, reliability and security are among the most important and self-evident factors, there are a number of other elements which must be taken into consideration.

Among the most important of these are ease of implementation and ease of use. In short, firms need to make sure that their email solutions are seamless.

Seamless needs
At first glance, this may seem like a relatively minor consideration when it comes to email solutions. And indeed, this is likely why so many businesses fail to take ease of use and implementation into account when debating secure email options.

But the fact of the matter is that these elements will play a major role in ultimately determining the utility of a given email solution. After all, business-grade, highly secure email systems are not the same as consumer-level offerings in this area. The latter category, while useful for individuals' private correspondence, lack the security safeguards that businesses require to comply with regulatory standards and avoid data breaches.

In many cases, though, email solutions which achieve this level of security are also bulky, awkward and not intuitive. That is to say, they are not seamless. Employees may feel stymied by these solutions as they find using them to be time-consuming, confusing and irritating. One of the greatest benefits of email as a mode of communication is how easy it is for anyone to use. When a secure email solution is not seamless, however, this benefit is lost, and the company's collaborative abilities and flexibility may be compromised as a result.

Additionally, it can be challenging for a firm to implement a wide-scale secure email program, particularly if that organization includes disparate locations, numerous departments or remote workers. Again, business-grade solutions will be sufficiently secure, but may not be well-enough designed to make implementation fast and easy. This can undermine productivity and damage the organization's ability to grow.

Finding the right option
For all of these reasons, businesses need to consider seamlessness when looking at the various available secure email solutions. They should seek out only those high-quality, secure file sharing solutions that can be implemented and utilized easily, even by employees without extensive technical knowledge. Only such easily accessible and usable options can yield the full benefits of the technology to businesses.

To this end, firms need to conduct some research. They must look at various secure email service providers' reputations to determine which are known for combining seamlessness with security and dependability.

Additionally, businesses need to speak directly with the email service providers to determine what technology they utilize in order to achieve secure, seamless offerings. If the firm cannot answer these questions, it is time to look for an alternative solution provider.