Flexibility is essential for effective file sharing

Sep 06th, 2013 / Category: Managed File Transfer

Now more than ever, file sharing is a critical concern for businesses in every industry. Data, always essential for organizations to operate effectively, is now used by a greater number and variety of employees than at any point in the past. Big data analytics, customer relationship management (CRM), business intelligence (BI) - all of these data-based tools have become both self-service and commonplace. This, combined with the trend of increasing interconnectedness among workers, means that firms need to ensure that data sharing is simple and easy for everyone within their organizations.

To this end, businesses need to be careful to invest in optimal secure file transfer solutions. And when comparing the various available options, organizations should consider flexibility a key priority.

Flexibility benefits
Flexibility is an often overlooked component of effective file transfer solutions. To be sure, there are other key factors as well, the most notably being dependability, cost and speed.

Yet inflexible solutions can severely undermine the value and utility of a given file sharing option.

Say, for example, a small business has 10 employees and most of its file sharing is limited to small data sets, which the various employees use for a range of purposes. One day, the business receives national attention and is suddenly deluged with orders. Obviously, such an occurrence would pose numerous logistical challenges for the company. Data sharing would be one such issue, if the firm did not have a file transfer solution in place that can scale up to meet increased data volume requirements.

If the business did have a sophisticated, flexible secure file transfer solution deployed, however, this sudden uptick in information volume would not be problematic, allowing the firm to focus its attention on bigger-picture issues.

This concept also applies in the case of more gradual business growth. If a small business has invested in an inflexible file sharing option, it will eventually reach a point where it will need to discard its current offering in exchange for a more robust choice. This can be a major disruption to business operations, hurting productivity and causing irritation for many workers.

A flexible solution, on the other hand, can expand as the company grows, thereby making corporate growth smoother and more efficient.

For these reasons, flexibility should be a major consideration whenever businesses evaluate competing secure file transfer options.