3 less-obvious incentives to invest in secure file transfer solutions

Sep 19th, 2013 / Category: Managed File Transfer

The importance of data security for businesses in every industry is fairly well established by this point. Rarely a day goes by without new reports of an organization suffering a data breach, or the fines and other devastating outcomes which have been incurred following such incidents.

Investing in the right tools, such as secure file transfer solutions, can greatly mitigate the risk that a given firm will experience data loss, theft or exposure, and are consequently critical resources for organizations of all kinds.

But the benefits of secure file transfer tools do not end there. On the contrary, there are a number of other important, albeit less obvious, benefits that businesses enjoy when they embrace these solutions. Here are three examples.

1. Data access
Because of the damage which can be wrought by data breaches, firms need to be careful when it comes to allowing for corporate data access. If information is too readily available to employees, it may also be accessible to unauthorized personnel, leading to a breach.

As a result, many businesses have strict policies in place which limit data access to prevent such an outcome. Yet this imposes restrictions on employees' abilities to perform their jobs. Workers who have been assigned to a single project may not be able to effectively collaborate unless they are in a single location - a situation that is becoming increasingly rare for today's extremely mobile, disparate work forces. Scheduling becomes a significant concern and productivity is diminished.

With a secure file transfer solution in place, however, business decision-makers can allow for the sending and receiving of sensitive data without increasing the risk of a data breach. This in turn enables a more collaborative, efficient and effective work environment for employees regardless of their physical locations.

2. Efficiency
It is also important to note that dedicated secure file transfer tools are often not only better at protecting data than consumer-grade options, but are also more effective, as well. These professional-quality tools are specifically designed to send data securely and quickly among personnel. Furthermore, they can and should be easy to use.

The result is that secure file transfer solutions allow employees to share data far more quickly than they would be able to via most other options. This increases the efficiency and productivity potential of the business as a whole, all while improving its data security efforts.

3. Peace of mind
Last but not least, the implementation of secure file transfer solutions has the significant benefit of providing peace of mind for company decision-makers. Countless executives, managers and other high-ranking personnel are currently extremely worried about the threat of experiencing a data breach. This fear is distracting and a drain on productivity.

By deploying secure file transfer options, business leaders can feel much more confident in their companies' data integrity. While this is not a free pass to ignore data security in the future, it does allow for these personnel to devote themselves to more critical issues.