Increasingly savvy cybercriminals require improved data protection efforts

Sep 16th, 2013 / Category: Managed File Transfer

The technological landscape is constantly evolving as new strategies and solutions are introduced and enter the mainstream. These trends present both opportunities and challenges for businesses in every sector. On the positive side, the Internet, cloud computing and various other developments have made people more interconnected than ever before.

However, this level of information access and sharing has also made it easier for hackers and other cybercriminals to illegally access a business's sensitive data. If this happens, the consequences for the affected firm and its clients may be devastating.

As the value of corporate and customer data continues to grow, cybercriminals are becoming increasingly savvy in the methods and tools they use to cause data breaches - a trend which has shown no signs of slowing. It is therefore imperative for businesses of all kinds to invest in high quality data protection efforts, such as the use of secure file transfer solutions.

Savvy criminals
It is an unfortunate reality that whenever organizations possess valuable assets, there will be some people eager to take advantage of these resources by any means necessary. In the case of digital data, these people are cybercriminals, and they have many methods at their disposal by which they can target a firm and its employees in order to illegally access this information.

Organizations, well aware of these threats, have invested heavily in such preventative tools as antivirus and anti-malware solutions. These resources are unquestionably valuable, as they can ward off many of the most basic threats that firms are likely to encounter in the digital landscape.

However, there are limits to how effective these resources can be. Cybercriminals are constantly monitoring these programs, striving to develop new, more effective methods of infiltrating companies' defenses. And if a business does not regularly upgrade these defenses and invest in the most up-to-date data protection measures available, it will likely fall victim to such cybercriminals' efforts.

The effects of such an event can be devastating. Cybercriminals are regularly discovering new ways of leveraging corporate data for their own advantages. In some cases, these hackers will try to sell the sensitive information to one of the business's rivals. In others, the criminals may choose to blackmail the victimized business, demanding payment in exchange for restraining from releasing the data. And still other cybercriminals will steal and then release a business's customer data, thereby generating tremendous negative publicity for that firm and potentially leading to significant fines and other sanctions.

Secure solutions
These criminals are quite savvy, as can be seen by the sheer number of data breaches reported in the news. And while many of these breaches are caused by employee errors and other internal matters, they are also regularly the result of external attacks. Perhaps even more commonly, the data breach is the result of negligent employees providing an opening for cybercriminals, one that is quickly and devastatingly exploited.

It is therefore imperative for businesses to implement data protection strategies that can thwart external attacks, as well as provide employees with the tools they need to maximize the integrity of corporate data.

Secure file transfer solutions are essential in this regard. These tools enable workers to send and receive sensitive corporate data without risk, as the solutions are designed to stymie even the most sophisticated cybercriminals' efforts. Critically, because these resources are so simple to use, employees will have no reason to turn to less secure options, and therefore will make it even more difficult for hackers or other criminals to infiltrate a business's corporate network.