Don't let data sharing become a liability

Aug 30th, 2013 / Category: Managed File Transfer

Today's businesses are constantly striving to become more data-driven. In fact, establishing a data-driven culture is seen as a key objective by many industry leaders. When data becomes the basis for as many employee actions as possible and guesswork is taken out of the equation, firms become more efficient and effective in virtually every capacity.

To this end, information sharing is essential. After all, without the ability to access, send and receive data, employees cannot achieve true data-based decision-making. Yet there are obviously challenges which companies must overcome in regard to data sharing. Most notably, without precautions, such behavior can pose a major security risk for companies. If left unchecked, data sharing can even become a liability, rather than a strength, for organizations.

To avoid this outcome, firms must invest in high-quality solutions, such as secure file transfer tools.

Security matters
Consider a situation in which employees within a given business need to regularly share files in order to collaborate on a given project. Such a scenario is obviously relatively common in today's businesses.

If these workers are not provided with an adequate alternative, they will likely result to one of two options for their data sharing needs: basic email or consumer-grade box file sharing tools. In most cases, either one will be adequate, if not ideal, for the task of allowing employees to send and receive important files.

However, neither of these options can guarantee that the company's files remain protected at all times. This means that there is a severe risk that at some point a data breach will occur. If this happens, the business will suffer significant consequences, including a tarnished reputation and, in all likelihood, fines and other sanctions levied by regulatory agencies.

In this case, file sharing has become harmful for the company, rather than beneficial. Corporate leaders may feel compelled to forbid such file sharing in the future, thereby hampering business operations going forward.

Yet this does not have to be the case. By investing in high-grade secure file transfer solutions, business leaders can ensure that their employees are able to share data easily and without the risk of a data breach. In this way, today's interconnectedness becomes a strength, one which companies can leverage to their great benefit.