Aug 12th, 2013
Category: Email Encryption

Without a doubt, the rise of cloud computing is one of the most important technological developments of recent years. Cloud services provide incredible value to many companies, allowing them to become more flexible, efficient and productive.

To a large degree, the cloud's value centers around its information sharing capabilities. By storing data in the cloud, that information becomes immediately available to any authorized personnel with access to the Internet. Employees are consequently able to collaborate more effectively than would be possible without such a solution in place.

Yet for all of the benefits offered by the cloud, the technology is not an ideal choice in every circumstance. In fact, there are many times when the cloud is simply too risky for firms to utilize. In these cases, secure file sharing email solutions are likely a company's best choice.

Cloud issues
First and foremost, it is important to note that, to a significant extent, fears concerning the cloud's security are overblown. While many business owners and executives remain hesitant to leverage cloud solutions for fear that putting their corporate data into cloud environments will inevitably put that information at risk, when in reality, cloud solutions can be and often are just as secure as on-premise options.

That being said, the fact of the matter is that there are still very real security concerns when it comes to cloud solutions. As mentioned, improved data access is unquestionably one of the most valuable attributes offered by cloud services. Yet by making data more readily available, there is also a greater risk that an unauthorized individual may gain access to a given company's cloud environment and the data stored therein.

In most cases, this risk is low enough that it is greatly outweighed by the business benefits of adopting the technology. However, when it comes to extremely sensitive information, the dangers presented by this arrangement may become too great to tolerate.

Secure file sharing
Yet organizations cannot simply refrain from sending or receiving sensitive information altogether, as such a lockdown would sap this data of its value. Only by sharing this information with the right personnel can a business hope to leverage its intellectual property effectively.

For many businesses facing this dilemma, the ideal solution is secure file sharing via email. A high-quality email exchange program will have a level of data protection which cannot be matched by cloud solutions, and will therefore allow companies' employees to collaborate and utilize sensitive data effectively and without risk.

To achieve this goal, though, selection of the ideal file sharing program is essential. Choosing the wrong offering may result in unacceptable security vulnerabilities. Just as importantly, firms must also make sure that the file sharing program chosen is easy to use. If employees feel that the program is unduly cumbersome and time-consuming, they will likely disregard the provided solution in favor of less secure but easier-to-use options.