Secure file sharing tools can help alleviate data protection fears

Jul 08th, 2013 / Category: Managed File Transfer

More businesses than ever are embracing the possibilities of innovative technologies and trends, such as cloud computing and bring your own device (BYOD). Although these options can greatly improve employee productivity by allowing unprecedented access to corporate documents, regardless of location, there is a significant tradeoff.

Organizations that support both cloud computing and BYOD open themselves up to even more access points that must be protected at all times, placing greater emphasis on tools like secure file sharing solutions to minimize such weaknesses in the corporate infrastructure.

The use of cloud computing and mobile devices is not expected to dissipate anytime soon, meaning that businesses without safeguards will struggle to maximize the capabilities of the cloud and initiatives such as BYOD.

Forward-thinking executives are focused on ways to leverage both, according to a Sierra Ventures survey. Of the CIOs and CTOs polled, 32 percent named big data and mobile devices as top IT innovations, followed by nearly one-quarter that said the same regarding the cloud.

Tim Guleri, managing director at Sierra, said the survey shows that corporate leaders have determined certain solutions are critical for the future of their companies.

"We found that today, CIOs and CTOs have to wear multiple hats such as being strategic while keeping up with ever-changing technology advances and maintaining legacy systems," Guleri said. "They have to evaluate risk, be innovative - all while keeping the lights on and the systems up and running."

Given that cloud computing and mobile devices can open new possibilities in terms of employee collaboration, more executives will likely embrace such technologies moving forward. However, it is critical that decision-makers also ensure that security takes precedence, because just one slip up may result in hefty compliance fines, damaged reputations or revenue loss.