Infographic highlights world's biggest data breaches

Jul 30th, 2013 / Category: Managed File Transfer

By this point, just about every business leader should be fairly well-aware of the dangers presented by data breaches. These incidents are extremely damaging whenever they occur, hurting firms' finances and reputations.

On the positive side, new tools, such as secure file transfer solutions, are now available and can greatly reduce the risk that businesses' data will be lost, stolen or exposed while it is in transit. Unfortunately, many firms, even major corporations, have yet to adopt these and other data protection solutions, and as a result their information remains unsecured.

Part of the problem is that many firms operate under the assumption that they are adequately protected and consequently become lax in their security practices.

The severity of this problem was highlighted by a recent infographic from Information is Beautiful. This infographic visualizes virtually every data breach of more than 30,000 records, dating back to 2004, when such an incident resulted in 92 million exposed AOL accounts.

The infographic specifies not only the year and number of records lost, but also the means by which the leak occurred. These include poor security, viruses, accidents, hacks, inside jobs and more.

The diversity of these data breaches, and the obvious frequency with which they are appearing, is strong evidence that firms in every industry need to invest in more advanced, robust data protection tools and strategies, including secure file transfer solutions. Additionally, businesses need to make a concerted effort to regularly revisit their data security initiatives to ensure that the information remains protected at all times. Hackers and cybercriminals are constantly developing new methods of attack, and firms need to update their efforts to meet these threats.