Don't underestimate the importance of ease of use for MFT solutions

Jul 12th, 2013 / Category: Managed File Transfer

Data security is a paramount concern for businesses in every field. Yet for all the agreement over the need to protect corporate information, there is far less consensus concerning how this goal is to be achieved. There are many tools available, and choosing the ideal one for a given business can be extremely challenging.

Among the more popular options in this area are managed file transfer (MFT) tools. MFT is specifically designed to handle the data sharing needs of companies of all sizes, prioritizing not just security, but also speed and efficiency. However, deciding to pursue MFT solutions is not enough to ensure success. For a firm to truly guarantee the security and effectiveness of its data distribution operations, it must also take a number of factors into account. One of the most notable of these is the ease of use of the given solution.

Ease of use matters
Ease of use is a frequently overlooked yet critical component of many technological resources, not just MFT solutions. Too often, business leaders will choose a tool without taking this factor into account. As a result, the particular option selected may not fit well into the daily routines of affected workers. The solution may be too time-consuming or require an unreasonable amount of computing power.

In any event, the end result will likely be that employees will develop methods of circumventing the solution, as they will feel that it is more of a burden than a valuable resource.

When it comes to MFT solutions, this state of affairs becomes not just a drain on efficiency, but also a security concern. After all, if workers find that their company's dedicated file transfer tool is too problematic to use, they will likely turn to less secure alternatives, such as consumer-grade box file sharing. Such options put the company's information at risk of being lost, stolen or exposed, and should be avoided at all costs.

That is why ease of use is so critical. Unless a business makes this a priority, it is likely to choose an MFT option that does not satisfy employees, which in turn will drive down adoption rates.

By choosing a solution which was designed with the users in mind, however, a business can ensure that its workers have no reason to abandon the MFT resources available, thereby greatly improving overall security.