Don't let employees forget about data protection

Jun 28th, 2013 / Category: Managed File Transfer

Few business decision-makers would deny the notion that data protection is a vital component of any successful organization. Firms that suffer data breaches inevitably absorb a great deal of damage, ranging from direct financial losses to fines to a tarnished reputation.

Understanding these potential consequences, firms of all sizes and sectors have instituted a wide array of data protection strategies, including the implementation of secure file sharing solutions. Yet investing in these resources is not sufficient. Additionally, business leaders must take active steps to remind employees about the importance of data protection tools and enforce their usage.

This is a serious problem for many businesses. Frequently, an executive or other decision-maker will select a data protection solution which is then made available to all necessary personnel. Ideally, managers will then make sure that all employees understand these new tools and how they are to be utilized.

Unfortunately, however, this is often where management's role begins to dissipate. Once the tools are in place, there is no longer any obvious steps that must be taken to ensure the firm's data security. Consequently, it is easy for these issues to slip into the background.

When this happens, employees often feel less pressure to take the directed steps to protect corporate data. In fact, they may forget about these solutions entirely. This leads to risky behavior when it comes to sending, receiving and accessing the company's information, which in turn can lead to a costly data breach.

That is why business leaders must not only provide secure file sharing and other data protection tools, but also regularly emphasize their importance. Without consistent reminders and encouragement, employees may underestimate the significance of these strategies, which can put the firm as a whole at risk.