Data protection must be a priority, not a side note, when using the cloud

Jun 17th, 2013 / Category: Wide Area File Services

Now more than ever, businesses in every industry are dependent upon data. Obviously, information has always been a critical component of firms in every industry, but new technologies have dramatically increased the significance of these resources. Without high-quality and readily available data, employees in countless industries simply cannot perform their job responsibilities. The growing use of self-service IT services, such as customer relationship  management (CRM) and business intelligence (BI) tools, as well as the greater number of mobile workers have both combined to create a situation in which data, and more specifically data access, has become a defining need at every business level.

Considering these trends, it is no surprise that companies are increasingly turning to cloud-based solutions to send, receive, store and access corporate data. In many ways, the cloud is the ideal resource for this purpose, as it is inherently designed to maximize information availability. However, this trait can also increase the risk that a data breach will occur, which can have a devastating impact on a company.

As such, when it comes to cloud-based data access, security must be a priority, not a side note.

Security in the cloud
Employees can use the cloud as a means of sharing data in a number of ways. One of the most popular of these choices is consumer-grade box file sharing solutions, such as Dropbox. These tools are extremely easy to use and an excellent choice for personal use, as they allow consumers to make documents and other files readily available to both others and themselves when signing in from another computer.

However, as many companies have discovered, such resources are not satisfactory for business use, due to the much greater value and sensitivity of the files in question. When it comes to financial information, intellectual property and sensitive client data, organizations need to prioritize security over all other considerations.

That is why firms should consider utilizing cloud FTP (file transfer protocol) solutions. Cloud FTP is one of the best options available to companies that are eager to leverage the cloud's superior accessibility without compromising on data protection. A high-quality cloud FTP solution will offer top-level data security via a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. Firms can therefore make their employees' lives easier and keep their data safer.