Unsecured file transfer put client relationships at risk

May 30th, 2013 / Category: Managed File Transfer




Without a doubt, businesses worldwide have become increasingly data-centric in recent years. Never before have so many companies depended so greatly on such a wide range of information types. Not only is this data leveraged for the company's own use, but many firms must efficiently, effectively and quickly deliver tremendous amounts of information to clients on a regular basis. Failure to do so can jeopardize customer relationships and the future of the business as a whole.

Consequently, secure file transfer solutions remain a critical need for countless businesses around the world. Without these tools in place, a company's data and, critically, its clients' data, will always be at risk whenever files are sent from one computing device to another. This includes both internal and external exchanges, as any and every component of a firm's network could potentially be compromised if insufficient steps are taken to protect it.




It is also important to note that as data has grown in size and value, it is increasingly becoming a target for cybercriminals. These malicious entities will target companies in the hopes of acquiring sensitive data, be it personal or corporate. In either case, this information can be used for fraud, theft and extortion. The lack of secure file transfer tools greatly increases the risk that a data breach will occur.

If this happens to a company, it can expect to lose many customers. Individuals and organizations do not want to do business with a firm that has demonstrated an inability or unwillingness to protect valuable data.

By investing in secure file transfer tools, organizations can protect both their own and their clients' data, and by doing so protect the integrity of their customer relationships.