As organizations evolve, data breach risks grow

May 12th, 2013 / Category: Managed File Transfer


It is fair to say that now more than ever, organizations of all kinds frequently exist in a constant state of flux. Technology is consistently changing, and businesses must react to these developments. Those firms that ignore new technologies will almost certainly find themselves at a severe disadvantage when it comes to competing against rivals in increasingly challenging markets and industries. And to effectively respond to technological updates and upgrades, companies must structure themselves in a flexible manner, allowing for personnel and responsibilities to adapt as needed.

There are a number of challenges inherent to this state of affairs, and one of the most prominent and serious is the threat of data breaches. As Infosecurity recently highlighted, business transformations in various technological realms present many opportunities for data breaches to occur. Firms must take preemptive actions, such as investing in secure file transfer solutions, to reduce these risks.


Evolving business risks
The news source noted that there are numerous areas in which businesses are now making significant, structural changes, including the rise of big data analytics and cloud services. These advances have the potential to yield major benefits for organizations, but only if risks are acknowledged and mitigated.

This notion was reinforced by the recent Trustwave 2013 Global Security Report, which stated, "Cybersecurity threats are increasing as quickly as businesses can implement measures against them. At the same time, businesses must embrace virtualization and cloud, user mobility and heterogeneous platforms and devices. They also have to find ways to handle and protect exploding volumes of sensitive data."

Infosecurity noted that the bulk of the responsibility for ensuring corporate security in the midst of such changes falls to security staff, who must remain one step ahead of cyberattackers at all times.

This is a tall order. As the technology businesses leverage evolves, so, too, do the strategies cyberattackers utilize to steal or expose corporate data. These cybercriminals are constantly becoming more sophisticated in their efforts. Furthermore, cybercriminals are, like the businesses themselves, beginning to realize how valuable a wide range of data types now are, thanks to advances in analytics and business intelligence (BI) tools. This means that cyberattackers have more reason than ever to target firms in the hopes of causing data breaches. And as firms shuffle around their operations to better accommodate and utilize big data, the more potential openings there will be for these criminals.

Protective tools
As Infographic and the Trustwave report made clear, many firms are now more exposed than ever to the threat of data breaches, and their IT security departments often struggle to head off this danger.

Companies can make strides toward reducing this risk by investing in the right data protection tools. Secure file transfer solutions, for example, can help businesses to ensure that their big data sets remain protected even as they are sent and received to employees within the company, as well as external partner organizations.