Achieve peace of mind with secure MFT

Feb 28th, 2013 / Category: Managed File Transfer


Business managers, executives and other leaders typically have a lot on their minds. Most firms are extremely complex entities with hundreds upon hundreds of discrete components that must work in unison for the organization to be successful. Paying a sufficient amount of attention to all of these areas is critical, yet it can also be overwhelming.

It is therefore in every decision-maker's best interest to pursue strategies that can minimize the need for oversight and guidance. Any tactic that may lead to a more efficient organization will also give peace of mind to leaders tasked with myriad responsibilities.

Data protection is a prime example. Because it is so critical for firms to ensure that their sensitive information remains safe, leaders must devote much of their time and effort to this task. Yet by leveraging certain resources and strategies, companies can drastically reduce the risk of data breach. This allows decision-makers to reduce, albeit not eliminate, the attention needed in this area, allowing them to focus elsewhere.

Secure managed file transfer (MFT) solutions are a critical tool in this regard.


Security concerns
MFT and other data protection solutions are so important  due to the expanding role of data in businesses of all kinds. Firms in virtually every industry and of all sizes now rely on the transmission and receipt of data to perform a huge range of tasks. Any company that does not take advantage of the increasing availability of data will fall behind more knowledgeable rivals.

But the more data a firm's employees send and receive, the greater the risk that this information will fall into the wrong hands. Without proper security measures, data will likely be accessible to savvy, unauthorized users, who may leverage this information in any number of nefarious ways. Some data may contain intellectual property that competitors can use to adjust and optimize their strategies. Other data sets may contain financial records that could be used for fraud or theft.

Critically, this applies to both internal and external communications. Data must be protected at all times. While mission-critical data is obviously more valuable and sensitive than day-to-day emails and shared files, any and all information can potentially prove a liability if it does not receive sufficient protection.

MFT solutions
Considering all of the above-mentioned risks, it is clear why business leaders often worry a great deal about their firms' data security. But when they pursue a robust, secure MFT solution, the risk of a data breach drops tremendously.

With a secure MFT solution, data will be encrypted automatically and, critically, remain protected while it rests on the server. This means that if the files were to fall into unauthorized hands at any time, the information contained will remain inaccessible. And because this process is automatic, employees do not need to take additional steps to protect their file transfers. This eliminates one of the biggest barriers to adoption and regular use of data protection technology, and makes the solution far more dependable.