Sensitive data demands secure solutions

Dec 06th, 2013 / Category: Managed File Transfer

The relationship between businesses and data is changing. In virtually every industry, data plays a much more important role now than it did just a few years ago, and this trend is likely to continue. Firms are constantly developing new methods for collecting, analyzing and leveraging information.

This is a positive development. The more that organizations utilize available data, the more efficient and effective they can become. However, it is also true that organizations that are pursuing such strategies need to develop policies that can guarantee data protection for the company, its clients and its partners. Greater reliance on sensitive data demands high-quality secure file transfer solutions.

Sensitivity matters
Almost certainly the single most significant data-related development in recent years is the advent of advanced big data analytics and business intelligence (BI) solutions. With these tools in place, firms are now able to gain useful insight from unstructured and semistructured data sets - resources that otherwise lack significant value. This has motivated organizations of all kinds to vastly increase their efforts to collect and generate data from a wide range of sources, as all of it may potentially prove valuable upon analysis.

However, it is critical for business leaders and decision-makers to realize that the value of such data is not limited to their own organizations. On the contrary, hackers and industry competitors can also benefit greatly if they gain access to this information. In the case of the former, there is a significant amount of profit to be made by selling stolen personal and company data. And competitors can use insight into a business to undermine its strategies, gaining a major advantage in their shared industry.

Considering these incentives, it is inevitable that cybercriminals will actively seek out ways of gaining access to business's sensitive data. And the more sensitive information that a company collects, creates and utilizes, the more opportunities there are for these threats to successfully cause a data breach. Businesses, regardless of their size, need to be aware of these risks and take proactive steps that can reduce the danger inherent to handling sensitive information.

Tools of note
The key difficulty that many businesses face is protecting their data without compromising its value. It is easy enough to keep data safe if that information is never going to be used - it can simply be stored on an isolated hard drive or server. But for this data to actually prove useful to the company, the firm's employees will need access to the information. The less limitations there are upon employee data access, the more valuable that data will be - so long as security is maintained at all times.

Secure file transfer solutions are critical for achieving this balance. With these tools in place, employees can send and receive sensitive data easily and quickly without increasing the risk that this information will be exposed to unauthorized personnel while in transit.