3 reasons why 2014 is the ideal time to deploy secure email solutions

Dec 31st, 2013 / Category: Email Encryption

Now that 2014 has arrived, it is time for businesses to develop and implement the strategies and solutions that will enable them to achieve success in the new year.

For many firms, communication should play a major role in this regard. Now more than ever, businesses in every industry need to ensure that their employees have the means to send and receive information among one another easily, quickly and securely.

To this end, secure email is critical. Unfortunately, however, many business leaders have yet to select and deploy a dedicated, enterprise-quality email solution for their organizations.

Here are three reasons why now is the time to embrace secure email:

1. Email's popularity
Email is unquestionably one of, and possibly the, most popular forms of communication used by employees today. Young workers in particular see email as the default means of communication for work-related matters.

All of this means that employees are going to use email to send and receive messages with one another, regardless of whatever actions the organization's leaders take. And these messages will often contain sensitive business information, such as customer identification data, trade secrets, marketing strategies or any other intellectual property that may harm the organization if exposed.

It is therefore imperative for business leaders to ensure that employees have the means of utilizing email for work without putting the organization at risk of a data breach. A secure email solution is essential in this capacity.

2. The business case
Business leaders must realize that there is a world of difference between consumer-grade email offerings and enterprise-quality options. The former, which are generally free to use, may be fine for an individual's personal purposes. However, they will not feature the level of data protection and security that is necessary for businesses' sensitive information.

This is critical because business information is a far more tempting target to cybercriminals than a random person's data. After all, a business is likely to possess information that may be utilized for identity theft and fraud on a large scale. Additionally, intellectual property may be used for espionage or blackmail.

Consequently, business leaders need to ensure that messages sent by employees have sufficient protection to ward off this greater threats. A dedicated secure email solution can meet this need.

3. Threats rising
Finally, there is the simple fact that the digital landscape is becoming a more dangerous place. 2013 saw a tremendous number of data breaches and other cybercrime-related incidents, and every sign suggests 2014 will see even more. Hackers and cybercriminals are becoming more determined, craftier and more numerous.

To remain protected despite these risks, upgraded security is essential. By embracing a high-end secure email solution, businesses can reduce their chances of falling victim to a data breach, and therefore improve their odds of achieving success in 2014 and beyond.