Security firm predicts monthly major data breaches through 2014

Dec 12th, 2013 / Category: Managed File Transfer

It is no secret that the digital landscape continues to grow ever-more dangerous for businesses of all kinds. The number of cybercriminals operating around the world is increasing, and the tactics they use to steal valuable information from vulnerable firms is becoming more sophisticated and difficult to combat.

This state of affairs is not likely to improve in the coming year. On the contrary, a recent report from Trend Micro offered a number of predictions concerning the state of security in 2014, the majority of which suggest that firms will struggle to keep their data safe in this time. Perhaps most notably, the firm predicted that there will be approximately one major data breach per month in the new year.

Rather than succumbing to pessimism, businesses should see these predictions as warnings and consequently embrace cybersecurity solutions, such as high-end managed file transfer (MFT) tools, that can reduce the risk that they will experience a breach in the  near future.

Danger on the horizon
The report noted that 2013 saw a number of major data breaches, including incidents at Adobe, Evernote, LivingSocial and Yahoo! Japan. Collectively, these four breaches alone may have exposed nearly 300 million users' information. And if such incidents occur on a monthly basis in 2014, next year will likely see a far greater total number of records lost or stolen.

Critically, the report predicted that cyberattacks will not be limited to large businesses.

"No organization will be safe from data breaches," the report concluded. "Someone will always attempt to break into networks using new tools and by exploiting vulnerabilities."

Preventative measures
As these predictions suggest, no business leader should feel confident in the safety of his or her company's data and network. The threat poised by cybercriminals is already great, but it is likely to increase significantly in 2014.

Yet this does not mean that a given business will inevitably experience a data breach. Many firms will inevitably remain unscathed. And any decision-maker hoping to remain among this group should select and deploy high-end data protection solutions throughout the organization as soon as possible.

MFT solutions should play a role in any such effort. MFT is a critical resource for countless firms, as these tools enable workers to send and receive data easily and instantly. Importantly, effective MFT tools are able to handle the tremendous burdens posed by big data efforts. Considering the growing role played by big data at the vast majority of organizations, flexible, scalable data sharing options are essential.

However, to ensure that this data remains safe while in transit, thereby preventing a data breach, business leaders must be careful to choose the right MFT options. Specifically, they need to make sure that the security features of these tools are robust, dependable and up to date. If the MFT solution itself has any vulnerabilities, it is very likely that cybercriminals will take advantage of these flaws sooner or later.

Deploying high-quality MFT tools can greatly reduce the risk that a given business will fall victim to a data breach in 2014, even as threats continue to advance and grow.