Email security is a multi-pronged issue

Nov 06th, 2013 / Category: Email Encryption

Business leaders in every industry are becoming increasingly focused on ensuring data security, and rightfully so - nearly every day, there are more reports of organizations suffering breaches which can have a devastating impact for years to come.

As email has become one of, if not the single most important components of firms' communication strategies, it is not surprising that security in this area is now a critical concern. A single mistake can easily lead to a complete network infection - a fact which cyberattackers are frequently utilizing to steal invaluable corporate data.

The question decision-makers must answer is not whether to prioritize email security, but rather how to do so. To this end, it is essential for business leaders to realize that there is no single solution - email security strategies must be multi-pronged and comprehensive.

Email security solutions

Perhaps the most obvious step that businesses should take to ensure the security of their email systems is investing in high-quality antivirus, anti-malware and other cybersecurity software that can scan email attachments for threats. This will greatly diminish the likelihood that an employee will inadvertently open or install a file which could compromise the corporate network.

But this alone is not enough. Cybercriminals are constantly developing more sophisticated, dangerous strategies for infiltrating their targets via email, to the point that even advanced antivirus and anti-malware solutions cannot keep up.

More significantly, cybercriminals are also refining more effective tactics, such as spear phishing, which can circumvent such measures by tricking employees into introducing viruses and malware themselves.

That is why companies should also deploy secure file sharing solutions that introduce an additional layer of security to email exchanges. For example, some high-grade offerings require all emails to pass through one or more dedicated servers before they either reach or leave the company's network. This creates an additional opportunity to stop damaging attacks from reaching the company, or valuable data from leaving without authorization.

However, for such offerings to prove effective, it is vital that business leaders choose solutions that do not impose a significant burden on employees. If workers are forced to spend a lot of time or effort using complex file sharing solutions, they will likely grow frustrated and eventually turn to other, less secure options. With an easy-to-use, fast offering in place, though, there will be no reason for employees to feel this way.