Do your employees know their secure file transfer options?

Nov 20th, 2013 / Category: Managed File Transfer

Data protection is no longer a minor concern for most businesses. On the contrary, it is a high-level priority, one which everyone from business owners to executives to managers must embrace to ensure the continued success of their organizations. Without such security in place, the risk of a data breach grows significantly, putting the company as a whole at risk.

Secure file transfer solutions are a key part of these efforts. Such tools enable workers to send, receive and share highly sensitive files throughout the organization and beyond without putting the information contained at greater risk of loss, theft or exposure. In today's information-reliant business world, such unrestrained data exchange is essential to ensure maximum productivity and efficiency.

There are many best practices that business leaders should follow to ensure that these solutions yield the ideal results for their organizations. These include choosing a reliable, easy-to-use solution and, critically, making that solution readily available to all relevant personnel. Unfortunately, many firms come up short in this last regard.

Secure solutions for all
For many organizations, particularly large firms, communication between management and the rest of the staff is often less robust than desired. It is not uncommon for certain corporate resources to go underutilized by employees, even if they would prove useful, simply because workers either are not aware these resources exist or do not fully understand how to use them.

In some cases, this is a relatively minor issue, one which is not likely to have much of an effect on either the company or individuals' workdays. However, this cannot be said of secure file transfer options. If employees are unaware of and therefore not using these tools, they are putting the whole company in danger.

Business leaders need to ensure that not only are secure file transfer solutions made available to each and every employee who may need to send and receive sensitive data, but also take action to guarantee that these workers are well-aware of the existence of these solutions.

Increasing awareness
This raises the question of how managers and executives should best go about increasing awareness of the company's secure file transfer tools.

There are several key policy proscriptions that can help in this regard.

First, business leaders must regularly draw employees' attention to these offerings. A short email sent to every member of the organization simply isn't going to have much of an impact on its recipients, and is therefore not satisfactory. Instead, managers should take the time to meet with employees in person and explain not only what the secure file transfer solution is, but also how it works and why it is so important.

Furthermore, leaders should periodically refresh employees by reminding them of these solutions and ensuring that they are actually being used.

Additionally, business leaders must make a point of using these offerings themselves. If staff realize that their managers are not using such resources, they will likely ignore the offerings, as well.