More than 1 million customers affected by major data breach

Nov 14th, 2013 / Category: Managed File Transfer

An Irish company recently experienced a major data breach, one which affected well over 1 million customers, according to The Irish Times.

The news source noted that this is likely one of the worst data breaches in Irish history. As such the event should be seen as a powerful reminder of the importance of secure file transfer solutions and other data protection efforts.

Sensitive data exposed
According to the news source, the data breach affected a wide range of sensitive information types, including telephone numbers, home addresses and credit card numbers.

More specifically, 376,000 Europeans' credit card data was seriously compromised, while 150,000 others may potentially have experienced this same fate. A further 1.1 million customers had various other information exposed, the news source reported.

In response to the breach, the Data Protection Commissioner, Billy Hawkes, dispatched two investigators to look into the affected company's computer systems to determine the nature of the breach. The Irish Times reported that the investigation has yet to reach many definitive conclusions, although it is almost certain that an external source was responsible.

Security measures
The commission urged those potentially affected by the data breach to keep a close eye on their accounts to report any unusual or suspicious credit card activity immediately.

Furthermore, the sheer scope of this breach highlights the potential consequences that may result when a company's sensitive client data is exposed. Obviously, those whose personal information was stolen will be unlikely to work with this company ever again, and will likely urge others to follow suit. The reputational damage caused by such a major breach can take years to overcome.

Secure file transfer solutions and other data protection tools are essential for reducing the risk that such a breach will happen in the first place.