Effective security 'a team game'

Oct 15th, 2013 / Category: Managed File Transfer

Security is a necessity for all organizations responsible for storing sensitive data. Although firms undoubtedly realize that any breach of this information can lead to fines, loss of business and public distrust, many are still unprepared to deal with malicious or unintentional incidents. A new report - Cyber Security Experience: Cyber Security Pros from Mars; Users from Mercury - published by Akamai revealed that 74 percent of federal security professionals are not ready for a major cyber attack, while the same percentage cannot guarantee secure access through mobile devices.

"More security rules, more security tasks, and more security delays have done little to drive more user buy-in for cyber security," said Tom Ruff, public sector vice president at Akamai. "Without question, Federal cyber security pros have a tough job, but they must start working with end users as partners instead of adversaries. It is a team game, and better support for users will deliver better results for security."

Employee education must be top priority
Although organizations must be ready to defend critical assets from sophisticated hackers, employees are often the ones who are responsible for data exposure due to negligent activities, including use of consumer-grade file sharing tools such as Dropbox, which are convenient but do not provide adequate protection that the corporate landscape demands. These solutions are convenient and easy to use, making them an attractive option for staff members who are always in a rush. Firms that want to ensure information is always protected, whether it is being sent, received or stored, should consider adopting secure file sharing technologies to safeguard corporate assets.

Other reports have detailed the grim nature of the security landscape and how organizations must do more to keep critical assets protected from harm. A PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and CSO magazine study found that companies are not taking the necessary action to improve their defenses.

David Burg, principal of PwC's U.S. advisory practice, asserted that security should be a top business priority and executives must understand the threats. Also, decision-makers need to educate the workforce to raise overall awareness of certain challenges.

In this regard, business leaders should make sure employees are not resorting to insecure file sharing tools that could put sensitive data at risk. Secure file sharing solutions not only keep corporate information out of the wrong hands, but they are not complicated to use, which is always half the battle when trying to ensure personnel embrace a particular system.