CuteFTP: The First Born

Nov 27th, 2012 / Category: Managed File Transfer


Studies have implied that first born children have many of the characteristics that society values. In fact, many U.S. presidents and CEOs occupy the first slot in the family birthing order. This group generally has a great sense of responsibility, confidence and determination and it emerges like a cosmic checklist of sorts. Full disclosure, I am a first born. It so happens that we at Globalscape have a first born that we are very proud of; a first born that is celebrating a very big day.

Today Globalscape has launched CuteFTP 9, the latest version of one of the industry's most highly regarded SMB file transfer products. In 1996 CuteFTP was one of the first products that Globalscape launched as an emerging company and it remains very popular today.


Although Globalscape is now focused primarily on the secure file transfer needs of the enterprise, we still have a special place for the product that got it all started. Just as CuteFTP prepared our path to the enterprise with a secure an innovative approach, this latest version is also paving the way with new features that the enterprise is also starting to wake up to.

The biggest change in CuteFTP 9 is that it works with our Tappin mobile file sharing product. This product integration is a glimpse of the future of Globalscape's enterprise products. Simply put, it provides connectivity to your TappIn account via the CuteFTP application interface. The Tappin client sits on your PC and has the mobile app that allows you to access all the files on your PC locally. Users who have a Tappin account will be able to use the CuteFTP WebDAV protocol to connect to the Tappin server allowing you connect to your Tappin client.

Additionally, the CuteFTP client (file transfer client) will allow users to operate in FTP, http, https or other protocols.

Yes we are very proud of CuteFTP 9 and we hope that you will be too. It's hard not to like a first born.