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EFT Arcus

EFT Arcus is a SaaS MFT solution for organizations who are looking for agility, elasticity and cost-savings the cloud can provide. EFT Arcus can reduce complexity of your file transfer infrastructure, increase operational efficiency, and protect your most important data.


Enhanced File Transfer (EFT™) is an advanced, powerful managed file transfer (MFT) solution that replaces insecure legacy FTP servers, inflexible and haphazard homegrown file transfer systems, slow physical shipment of data, and expensive leased lines and VANs.


Kenetix is an integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) that allows business users and IT alike to get the right data in the right places at the right time. Kenetix easily connects data across cloud applications and legacy systems, empowering stakeholders to access the data they need to get their jobs done.


Business requirements from customers, partners and vendors add multiple layers of complexity in your IT infrastructure. Add to this aggressive timelines for project completion and sometimes you have to meet nearly impossible to meet your goals. It’s no wonder that 54% of organizations have over-runs in time, dollars and unforeseen fixes.  See how Globalscape can help you implement a world-class, 360 degree MFT solution, on time and on-budget.


The True Cost of Compliance With Data Protection Regulations


Learn about the potential costs of compliance and non-compliance with data protection regulations in the 2017 Ponemon Institute study on compliance costs.

Is FTP Really Enough?


FTP is a common way to transmit information, but there’s a hitch: It lacks visibility, control, and important data protections when files are being transferred. Discover the drawbacks of using FTP and how you can better reduce business risks while enhancing the security and efficiency of your data in our latest guide, "Is FTP Really Enough? The Business Risks of Using FTP."

How to Design an Epic Cloud Integration Strategy


Are you confident that employees are only using IT-sanctioned devices and applications to get their jobs done?  If the answer is “no,” then your IT infrastructure and sensitive data are far more vulnerable to being breached by hackers and cybercriminals.


Data management

Retail’s Top Compliance Pain Points and How to Address Them

For companies in the retail sector, PCI DSS is an omnipresent regulation. According to Globalscape’s Ponemon study “The True Cost of Compliance with Data Regulations,” PCI DSS is ranked #2 among the most complex compliances to achieve, second only to healthcare’s HIPAA. Learn why PCI compliance is so challenging to retailers and what can be done about it.

How to Wow Customers During the Onboarding Process

The customer onboarding process is an important event between you and your customer. It sets the stage for what they will come to expect from you and how they will perceive your business. Find out how you can wow your customers during the onboarding process in our latest blog.

Beyond the Buzz: The Cloud Is Here to Stay

The cloud is no longer a buzzword. It is not a marketing trend, nor is it a fad. The cloud is a way of life and a way to engage with customers in the fastest way possible.