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The Most Powerful Managed File Transfer Solution Just Got Better

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EFT 2020

Best MFT as a service

EFT Arcus

Cloud Managed File Transfer

EFT Arcus is a SaaS solution for organizations who are looking for a MFT platform combined with the agility, elasticity, and cost-savings the cloud can provide. EFT Arcus can simplify your file transfer infrastructure, increase operational efficiency, and protect your most important data.

Best Managed File Transfer Solution


On-Premises Managed File Transfer

Enhanced File Transfer (EFT™) is an advanced, powerful managed file transfer (MFT) solution that replaces insecure legacy FTP servers, inflexible and haphazard homegrown file transfer systems, slow physical shipment of data, and expensive leased lines and VANs.


Every business has specific needs when it comes to secure file transfers. That’s why Globalscape offers the flexibility and features of EFT. Through EFT and EFT Arcus we provide powerful versatile tools for automation, collaboration, security, and analytics, giving you the means to control and optimize your file transfer management. 

Clients often use EFT to centralize and standardize their file transfer platforms. Our customers know EFT is proven to be reliable and efficient, offering security far superior to most legacy systems and FTP servers. Customers of all sizes in a variety of industries are benefiting from EFT’s agility and efficiency. Visit our Use Cases page or view featured use cases below to learn more. 


EFT Replaces Unreliable Legacy System

A publicly owned entertainment group replaced their legacy FTP servers. The client was struggling with a 10-year-old solution consisting of four legacy software applications for FTP transfers, scheduling, and PGP encryption. By using Globalscape's Enhanced File Transfer (EFT) Enterprise platform, the client increased data transfer visibility, reliability, and security while reducing downtime and costs.

EFT Streamlines Post-Merger Network Migration

Globalscape client uses EFT to successfully merge networks, migrate data after acquiring a financial services business. They asked Globalscape for help combining disparate networks and merging databases into a unified EFT platform. Using several existing modules from EFT’s robust product suite, Globalscape’s engineers create a successful solution.

EFT Refines Costly Cloud Configuration

Globalscape EFT simplifies application migration to the cloud for top US financial services firm, improving cloud transfer security and management. The client sought assistance to address several security and operational concerns. Our engineers provided a manageable, simplified solution that improved reliability, security, and efficiency of cloud exchanges.


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