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"BIM meets WAN" - Autodesk® Revit® Worksharing over a WAN

Facilitating multi-user, multi-site collaboration is often one of the most challenging obstacles for organizations. When you pair Autodesk® Revit® Worksharing capabilities with Globalscape WAFS users from locations across the world can access and share files over a WAN at LAN speeds. This means faster and more reliable element borrowing and multi-user access to entire worksets.

More specifically, file replication ensures current copies of the central files and worksets exist at all locations that require collaboration. Real-time file locking prevents users from concurrently borrowing the same workset or entity. Once a user is finished, the common Save-to-Central command publishes changes back to the local central file copy, and then WAFS instantly mirrors those changes and unlocks the workset at all sites on the network.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Instant access to remote files with minimal bandwidth consumption
  • File coherence with real-time file locking, file release, and synchronization
  • Transparent to end users – no training required
  • Continuous back-up at the central server
  • Instant access to newly created files anywhere on the WAN
  • Offline availability with automatic sync upon re-connection
  • Secure encryption for keeping sensitive data safe
  • Easy installation and browser-based management
  • Firewall friendly (tunnel through HTTP/S)