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Secure File Transfer Solutions for Big Data

If you need to securely transfer data with business partners, Globalscape can help find the right solution for you. We offer a suite of secure file transfer software products that can be used to solve your secure file exchange problems in this world of big data.

Managed File Transfer Software

Our flagship product, the EFT platform, can handle anything you throw at it. From transferring a few files a week for a small business to moving thousands of files per minute in the most challenging enterprise file transfer environments, EFT can handle it all.

The best part is that EFT is scalable. Not only is the product scalable but so is the licensing model. Because we don’t put limits on users, CPU or RAM, once you set up EFT to handle your secure file transfer needs, you have an extremely flexible secure file transfer server working for you. If your company grows, you won’t have to look for another more robust solution.

You also have control over how this product is deployed. We offer a traditional, on-premises deployment as well as a cloud hosted option and a fully-managed option.

Secure File Sharing

If you’re tired of dealing with consumer box file sharing solutions, you aren’t alone. It’s one of the top complaints we hear from people in IT who are responsible for data security. End users are using the box solutions to share data inside and outside of the company. And of course, this opens up security holes.

To help you combat this flux of end-user driven solutions creeping into your environment, we offer a few, user-friendly secure file sharing options:

Globalscape offers many ways to solve your secure file transfer needs. If you would like to speak with someone who can help you figure out which solutions if best or if you would like a demo of any of our products, feel free to give us a call at 800-290-5054.