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Exchanging Data with Partners/Customers

Enterprises of all sizes and across all industries have a need to exchange information between worldwide offices, customers, and partners. File transfer still remains one of the most common ways for enterprises to exchange data.

The problem is partners and customers use a variety of platforms, operating systems and software. Your company may be using homegrown FTP solutions, physical media like USB keys, email or even consumer box solutions for transferring sensitive data.

Amid the file transfer chaos, there are many points that can fail and cause:

  • Your business to shut down if your mission-critical transfers stop.
  • Damage to your company reputation due to a public data breach.
  • Lost business due to broken SLAs.

The good news is there is an easy fix.

Enhanced File Transfer (EFT), Our MFT Software Can Easily Handle Your Most Mission-Critical Data Transfers

Globalscape's easy-to-use, flexible MFT platform is trusted by thousands of enterprises around the globe, including many of the Fortune 100 and government agencies. Globalscape allows organizations to customize a solution to meet their specific needs, including stringent compliance requirements such as PCI, FIPS, HIPAA, DPA and more.

Companies around the world choose EFT to solve their data exchange issues because of its:

  • Military-grade security
    EFT is trusted by the U.S. Army to move and protect their data
  • Ease of deployment and use
    Many clients are able to deploy EFT on their own. It’s even easier and faster with our SaaS model.
  • Huge load capacity
    One client replaced 15 FTP servers with 1 EFT platform
  • Lightning fast transfer
    EFT moves more than 43,000 files per minute and millions of files per month for some of our clients
  • Accurate data transfer
    Our unique folder sweep feature monitors for files that aren’t transferred due to an outage or error.

If you’re looking for easy-to-use, MFT software that provides military-grade security, EFT is the answer.

For more detailed information, go to the EFT product page.

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