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Gain Control and Consolidate FTP Servers Into a Single, Manageable System

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a widely used method for transferring files within and between companies and partner communities. The problem is that FTP has been around for many years and has organically grown within organizations resulting in some significant security, compliance, cost, and operational headaches.

Security Concerns

  • How many FTP servers do you have across the network – each is a potential point of data leakage
  • Policing who has access to the FTP servers
  • Liability when connecting with partners who do not have compatible security options
  • Minimal system security options
  • Users using consumer box solutions or email for sending data

Multiple FTP Servers create a Compliance and Auditing Nightmare

  • No centralized managed and reporting capability
  • How do you ensure FTP activity is logged and archived
  • What data can people access and distribute

Operational Concerns

  • Multiple servers are each custom configured for specific tasks
  • Maintenance and logistics have become difficult to manage and time consuming to modify
  • Simple changes or additions to automated processes often require professional services
  • Multiple systems are difficult to integrate with other pieces internally and with partners that have systems that use different security protocols

Multiple FTP Servers Increase the Total Cost of Ownership

Multiple hardware and server deployments increase capital costs and ongoing management and maintenance costs. Drive down costs, meet auditing requirements, and gain control of File Transfers

The EFT platform, our MFT software, enables you to gain control of file transfer exchanges into a single, manageable system which reduces your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

  • Ease of use
    Improves employee efficiency. Staff is now able to send large files from their desktop. By replacing all proprietary coded and scripted systems, your data workflows can be automated and managed by IT staff without custom programming.
  • Broadest range of industry standard security protocols
    Ensures that data is protected in transit and at rest within your partner community.
  • Flexibility
    Your whole partner community can securely exchange data with you from day one without any client deployment.
  • Rapid deployment
    Guarantees a quick Return on Investment (ROI).
  • Scalability
    Future proofing file transfers and a system that can grow with your business.
  • Secure file sharing and secure mobile access solutions
    Add to give users flexibility and you control of data security.
  • Experts to help in the consolidation process
    Take advantage of our expertise. We can help get your systems integrated and in compliance.

Go to the Enhanced File Transfer (EFT) product page to get more information.

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