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Securing Data in a BYOD and File Sharing World

So you’ve got your managed file transfer system in place. All of your data is locked tight and secure. But wait…there’s another consideration. People.

Your end users may not have the technical savvy to use FTP to send a file, they may forget or maybe they just won’t feel like it. You know there are many reasons end users skirt the system and cause sensitive data to be exposed.

Also, your end users are getting creative in how they send company data. They may use some of the popular consumer-based box services or their own email service. Both of which have serious security flaws.

So how do you stop the ad hoc file transfer happening outside of your data security plan?

The key to getting back control is convenience. Convenience is a big reason consumer box solutions are creeping into your environment. Lack of convenience is why a lot of your users don’t use FTP to transfer their big files.

Instantly Add Secure, Person-to-Person File Transfer to Your Security Layer

We understand the convenience factor and that’s why we offer 2 easy ways to help you to secure your P2P file transfers:

  • Mail Express — Secure File Sharing Via Email
    Send large files that would normally be sent via FTP, as a secure attachment via email. If you use Microsoft Exchange, you can also add a Plugin to Outlook to provide the ultimate in convenience for your end users. This solution provides the best of both worlds: easy for users and secure for IT.
  • Mobile Transfer Client – Enterprise Mobility for EFT
    Provision users to access the same data they have access to in EFT via any device, wherever they are. This non-cloud solution lets users access data via their mobile devices without putting that data in an unsecure, consumer box solution.
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