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Learn more about the trends driving IT growth through our library of infographics.

  • Putting a strong BYOD policy into practice
  • A strong security policy, complemented with the right tools and technology, can set an enterprise up for success with BYOD.
  • Managed File Transfer Aids PCI Compliance
  • With PCI DSS version 3 in full effect in 2014, organizations accepting credit cards must abide by new standards. Our infographic details the changes to PCI DSS and how managed file transfer solutions can help.
  • Building Business Continuity into Your File Transfer Solutions
  • To eliminate both planned and unplanned downtime, active-active HA clustering should be integrated into an organization’s file transfer systems.
  • File Security Evolution
  • When’s the last time you saw, much less used, a floppy disk? The IT landscape changes quickly, with new tools and technology introduced every day. This infographic discusses new file sharing technology and the inherent security issues involved in their adoption.
  • Four File Sharing Workarounds Put Sensitive Data at Risk
  • Organizations put security policies in place to protect their sensitive data. Unfortunately, employees can go around these policies for a number of reasons, putting organizations at risk for breaches. This infographic illustrates the four most common methods of file sharing workarounds that should worry CSOs.
  • Dangerous Information Sharing Practices
  • Employees pose one of the biggest threats to a company’s data security. This infographic discusses a Globalscape survey of 500 employees, across a range of job functions, about their file-sharing habits.
  • Protecting Sensitive Patient Data
  • Healthcare providers must balance effective patient care with security. This infographic discusses the challenges and urgent need to protect sensitive patient data.