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Case Studies For All Products

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EFT Platform

  • By implementing Globalscape solutions, PeaceHealth has been able to merge disparate file transfer methods while improving security and compliance procedures.
  • Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) had 3,000-5,000 malicious attacks per day on their internal FTP and SFTP servers. To improve the response to these security concerns, OSPI added Globalscape DMZ Gateway® to protect the internal network.
  • Large credit union, Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union, enlisted the help of Globalscape’s EFT and Mail Express to replace their legacy file transfer system.
  • IDBI Intech, Ltd. Automates the Flow of Sensitive Financial Data
  • RR Donnelley employs EFT as their primary resource for secure file transfer.
  • In order to more effectively serve its client base, CIBIL needed a more dynamic file transfer system that could keep pace with the information and security needs of its customers.
  • Enhanced File Transfer™ (EFT) Platform Reduces Time To Manage File Transfers By 60%.
  • CAIRN India revamps file transfer strategy with Globalscape.
  • Baltika Breweries, Softline, and Globalscape collaborate on a joint project to implement a safe exchange system.
  • Automating Secure File Transfers for Insurance Solutions
  • Globalscape EFT Supports Automated Data Processing for Major Credit Bureau in India
  • Regional Bank Chooses Enhanced File Transfer™ platform because security and reliability are top priorities.
  • Lone Star Bank Chooses Hosted EFT for Secure File Transfer
  • Globalscape EFT Fuels a Secure, Reliable Supply Chain for Sweden's OKQ8
  • FNBLI Secures Electronic Customer Statements with Globalscape
  • Globalscape helps one of the largest boroughs in London exchange files with its many partner organizations, suppliers, and customers
  • Thomas Cook extends infrastructure by integrating EFT
  • U.S. Army Relies on Globalscape® Secure Information Exchange Solutions to Protect Critical Data
  • How Aon simplified and automated their data transfer using Globalscape EFT
  • Globalscape gives Williams Lea a Competitive Edge
  • US Army Secures Data with Globalscape Secure FTP Server
  • Law Enforcement and Globalscape Team Up Against Crime
  • Transferring critical data to allow public access
  • Gives 900 Active Directory Users Remote Access
  • Major University Gets Granular Control over User Accounts

Managed Information Xchange (MIX)

  • Audiovisual solutions leader, AVI-SPL, consolidates and simplifies file transfer and supply chain processes using Globalscape's Managed Information Xchange (MIX) service

Mail Express

  • Globalscape’s Mail Express provides Arthur D. Little with a secure email file exchange solution.
  • Globalscape Powers SAP File Transfers and Email Attachements for Enbridge Gas Distribution

Wide Area File Services (WAFS)

  • MEP needed a real-time data replication solution that could work seamlessly with AutoCAD® and Revit files, and effectively manage the firm’s recent growth.
  • Four different engineering firms in seven different cities around the world are using Globalscape WAFS to collaborate on the massive locks being built for the Panama Canal expansion.
  • SSOE Group Achieves Substantial Project Cost Savings Using Globalscape WAFS to Share Autodesk® Revit® Files
  • Jordan and Skala Engineers: Globalscape Keeps the Data Pipeline Flowing at Jordan & Skala Engineers
  • Patton Harris and Rust + Associates: Globalscape WAFS delivers at PHR+A
  • See how Milhouse Engineering manages the O’Hare Airport project quickly and securely with Availl WAFS
  • Optima Manages Growth and Boosts Profitability with Globalscape WAFS