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SFTP (SSH) Module

What is SFTP?

SFTP is a subset of the popular SSH protocol and is a platform independent, secure transfer protocol preferred by IT professionals worldwide.  SFTP provides a single connection port for easy firewall navigation, password and public key authentication and strong data encryption, which prevents login, data, and session information from being intercepted and/or modified in transit. EFT’s SFTP extension enables it to authenticate and transfer data securely with SFTP-ready FTP clients, such as CuteFTP Pro.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Ease of Administration - single connection port for transversal of firewalls
  • Ease of Integration - one-click setup, cross platform support and maximum connectivity coverage
  • Heightened Security - greater identity protection through public key authentication
  • Guaranteed Data Integrity - built-in data checking mechanisms
  • Greater Control - enhanced management of keys, ciphers, MACs and more

EFT with SFTP (SSH) Module provides secure file transfer
SFTP Client – Server Interaction

SSH Add-On Module Features

  • Single Connection Port - make SFTP sessions more firewall friendly than FTP over SSL sessions
  • One Click Setup - no need to run complex command line sequences to enable SFTP connections
  • Cross Platform Support - most UNIX, Mac and Linux file transfer clients operate with SFTP
  • Identity File Support - choose whether connecting clients or trading partners supply a public key (identify file) for dual-factor authentication, in addition to standard password authentication
  • Choice of Message Authentication Code (MAC) - validate the integrity of transmitted data
  • Choice of Ciphers - Allow certain encryption algorithms for maximum security or allow all available types for maximum flexibility
  • Key Management - create key pairs, manage keys, import/export keys and select the allowed key (identify file) for a user account
  • Detailed Logging - determine exact reason for success or failure of SFTP sessions