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EFT and Hadoop


EFT, our managed file transfer platform, provides the following benefits when moving large amounts of data into Hadoop:

  • Security—Keep your data safe with extensive options for highly secure configurations, authentication, authorization, encrypted communications, and a stellar track record on intrinsic software security. And with the power of Globalscape’s DMZ Gateway, you can even facilitate transfers across the open Internet without sacrificing top-notch security!
  • Reliability—EFT offers a full suite of data integrity and assurance capabilities, automatic file hash validation, smart resume (sometimes referred to as checkpoint restart), and more. Our solutions are trusted to reliably transfer critical data over even the slowest and most unreliable networks around the world, successfully battling high latency and intense packet loss. We can ensure your data will arrive completely and correctly, and EFT won't processes the data further until we know it’s right.
  • Visibility—Detailed transactions and interactions with EFT, even administrator actions, can be audited in near real time and provide a full audit trail for all activity. The status of ongoing transactions, an overview of the entire transaction lifecycle, and built-in reporting combine to provide complete visibility into the data being added to your Hadoop implementation.
  • Compatibility—EFT can act as a staging point for your data, a gateway with a variety of secure, platform-independent, industry-standard protocols to receive data, with the added capability of reaching out to retrieve that data as needed. FTP, FTPS, SFTP, HTTPS, CIFS, and NFS capabilities give you excellent connectivity coverage so you can be confident your existing systems won’t require new or proprietary software just to get the data to where it needs to be.

EFT's managed file transfer is a proven technology in moving data. Use EFT to move data into Hadoop, and you’ll get the simplicity you want, the stability you need, and the security you require.