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Enhanced File Transfer™ (EFT™): Hosted/Managed

Hosted / Managed FTP

Secure FTP hosting in the cloud. All of the power, none of the hassle.

Level 1: Managed Information Xchange™ (MIX)

  • Power and capabilities of EFT platform
  • Dedicated industry expert manages your secure FTP transfers for you
  • "Pay-as-you-go" pricing

Level 2: Hosted EFT

  • EFT platform as a cloud-hosting solution
  • Avoid upfront capital expenditures

Secure FTP Hosting With Our Two Enterprise Software-As-A-Service (SAAS) Options

Globalscape offers two secure FTP hosting solutions with all the power and capabilities of our EFT platform. Each convenient and cost-effective enterprise Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model is configured for you based on your specific needs.

Level 1: Go Worry Free With Managed Information Xchange™ (MIX™)

Let industry experts manage your secure FTP transfers. Globalscape MIX gives you powerful enterprise-level secure FTP hosting—and you don't have to lift a finger. MIX is our enterprise SaaS offering of EFT, designed to handle all of the operations for you. This secure FTP hosting solution offers powerful, enterprise-grade MFT software, configured and managed by industry experts.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Your dedicated MIX expert manages the software, you see the ROI
    You’ll never have to worry about designating employees to manage the system or take time for training. MIX is truly a hands-off application that we manage for you. That’s why we can show a huge ROI—many times over 200%. You’ll be able to contact your dedicated support rep via phone, email, support tickets, or the MIX online portal.
  • Get all the power of EFT’s advanced automation features
    Not only will you get highly sophisticated managed FTP software with military-grade security, but your dedicated expert will know the most efficient configuration for your business. We’ll be able to create advanced event rules to handle the biggest data you have.
  • Get access to the MIX portal
    The online portal is where you can monitor your server instance or even make changes like adding or deleting users, running custom reports, and more.
  • Get up and running in hours
    We’ve had clients up and running in less than 2 hours with MIX. If you need a solution now, but you don’t have the resources to make it happen, MIX is for you.
  • Get your budget in line with pay-as-you-go
    Because MIX is an enterprise SaaS deployment, you don’t have to invest in costly capital expenditures. MIX offers pay-as-you-go pricing that is easy on the bottom line.

Level 2: Hosted EFT Gives You Security And Flexibility In The Cloud

Hosted EFT is another Globalscape secure FTP hosting solution, a service that allows you to host all or part of your complex and demanding information exchange needs to reduce costs, increase efficiencies, track and audit transactions, and provide a greater level of security and compliance.

This managed cloud-hosted ftp solution benefits small and medium-sized businesses seeking an alternative to on-premises managed file transfer (MFT) implementations. The Hosted EFT service complements our other on-premises solutions and provides compelling value by delivering our industry-leading managed file transfer capabilities through a secure and scalable cloud-hosting solution.

Key Features & Benefits

  • All of the same robust MFT features as EFT Enterprise, including management, automation, and auditing of all file transfer activity for meeting security and compliance mandates.
  • "Pay as you go" flexible and affordable pricing that helps customers eliminate upfront capital expenditures.
  • Reduced ongoing maintenance expenses including hardware, software, and utility services costs.
  • Rapid deployment to meet your business demands.
  • Reliable and timely support from Globalscape's support team.