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Globalscape Business Activity Monitoring (Globalscape BAM)

Globalscape BAM is a "business activity monitoring" dashboard that complements our managed file transfer (MFT) solutions. This simple, yet powerful, dashboard is designed for both technical and business users alike and is the perfect solution for monitoring EFT, Mail Express and third-party, end-to-end business transactions.

Globalscape BAM provides:

  • Real-time visibility into MFT transactions
    Globalscape BAM provides an overview of your important business transactions, such as currency exchange, shipments and deliveries, and sensitive data transfers. When you need details of transaction status, BAM lets you drill down for granular detail.
  • Reduction in costs associated with support
    Globalscape BAM includes a self-service portal for end users and partners to track their own transfers, drastically reducing the frequent calls to your support center asking about transactions.
  • Powerful customization
    Easily customize views for the transactions that are important to your business. You can configure the dashboard to show as much or as little detail as you want. With Globalscape BAM, you hold the key to visibility.

If you need absolute visibility into data flow from your internal MFT transactions to your entire supply chain, Globalscape BAM is the perfect monitoring solution.

Globalscape Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)

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