Secure File Transfer

Winter is Coming (for Disparate Systems)

The joining of houses – or IT systems – can be a costly, security risk

Sep 03rd, 2015

Managed File Transfer to the Rescue

If you’re experiencing one of these five scenarios, you’re probably in need of an enterprise MFT solution

Sep 01st, 2015

Product News: August Recap

Feelin' hot, hot, hot!

Aug 31st, 2015

Spotlight on Ad Hoc File Sharing Methods

Ad hoc file sharing at a glance, and how you can find the best file sharing method for your organization

Aug 26th, 2015

Risky Business: Unsafe File Sharing Practices

Discover the problems that unsafe file sharing can cause for an organization

Aug 19th, 2015

Is your enterprise file sharing solution truly secure?

Ask yourself these 3 questions to determine whether a solution will prove effective in the long run, or fall short of expectations.

Aug 04th, 2015

Slow and steady doesn’t always win the race

Strategies to help accelerate your data

Jul 24th, 2015

Enterprise file transfer tools promote agility, security

Agility and security may seem like two conflicting characteristics, but the best file transfer tools offer both

Jul 14th, 2015

Getting the most out of EFT

EFT tips and resources

Jun 29th, 2015

EFT Network Usage and Security Settings

Limiting how files are transferred through EFT

Jun 22nd, 2015