Secure File Transfer

Focus on end-user activity to protect networks

Executives are spending more on cybersecurity, but must not forget the critical role of end-user education in their efforts.

Mar 26th, 2015

Health care leaders get serious about cybersecurity

Healthcare organizations must catch up with today's standards of digital defense to stay protected.

Mar 23rd, 2015

3 keys to ensure balanced secure file sharing

Cybersecurity needs to be balanced with employee productivity for businesses to reap the full range of benefits.

Mar 12th, 2015

Infographic: The Accidental Trojan Horse

Consumer cloud programs can inadvertently lead to security breaches

Mar 12th, 2015

The power of enterprise file sync and share

Three advantages of EFSS solutions that every decision-maker should consider

Mar 11th, 2015

File Sharing in the World of Finance

Financial services firms must remain aligned with the broader mission of consumer data protection

Mar 04th, 2015

How Your Teams’ Work Gets Lost in the Cloud

Your teams can now step out of their mailboxes and into Globalscape’s Workspaces

Mar 03rd, 2015

Empower your employees with Workspaces

Watch this short video demo to see how Workspaces can work for you!

Mar 02nd, 2015

On-Premises File Sharing vs. the Cloud

An on-premises solution provides a secure alternative to off-premises, cloud-based sharing

Feb 26th, 2015

Is cybersecurity legislation in need of a boost?

Cybersecurity legislation requires stronger cross-sector collaboration to be effective.

Feb 24th, 2015