Getting the most out of EFT

EFT tips and resources

Jun 29th, 2015

EFT Network Usage and Security Settings

Limiting how files are transferred through EFT

Jun 22nd, 2015

5 features that define enterprise-grade MFT

Businesses must recognize critical features and functions when selecting an MFT solution

Jun 18th, 2015

Recognizing Excellence

Globalscape receives top honors from globally recognized technology research group

Jun 18th, 2015

Webinar: Maximizing Your MFT Solution

Join us as we discuss how your current MFT solution may be the wrong fit and 6 things to consider when evaluating a new solution

Jun 16th, 2015

Product News: EFT data security features

Customers Trust EFT™ to Secure Their Data

Jun 15th, 2015

Enterprises face growing security risks

Globalscape’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing discusses the role MFT plays in an enterprise, with respect to growing security risks

Jun 09th, 2015

Getting answers fast: Unreadable, unhelpful log files

Globalscape's Enhanced File Transfer™ (EFT™) provides detailed, human-readable logs and reports, so you always know what's going on in your network

Jun 08th, 2015

Leverage existing Active Directory infrastructure

The Enhanced File Transfer™ (EFT™) High Security module (HSM) increases operational efficiency and compliance

Jun 04th, 2015

Why your MFT solution matters

Globalscape Senior Director of Engineering explains the importance of selecting the right MFT solution for your organization

Jun 02nd, 2015